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Together with a partner I develop a mobile app and desktop website supplementing the app using user experience design methodologies and user testing. Using industry standard prototyping software (Adobe XD), the course aims to expand my graphic design portfolio to aid the transfer of your visual design skills to the

UX UI industry.


Develop a habit to keep women fit by exploring different exercises.


Women Workout - Fitness helps tone and get in shape.

Helpful tool to train your body and mind by following the workout to keep fit and become a better you!

App Flow Fit screen.png


We worked on Brand Essence, Value Proposition, Key Believe, Key Believe, Key Market,

Then we search the IOs and Android competitors.

Later we establish our competitive advantage and audience that leads us to create the persona and storyboard..

lowFi prototype2.jpg
  • Used  Gloomaps to Create the App Flow  

  • Prioritizing the Feature List

  • Begin Paper prototype using Marvel


Demo HiFi

Demo  of map location and navigation trough the App

LoFi to HiFi

After the paper prototype testing the Lo-Fi prototype process begin using ADOBE XD.


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