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This optimised feature part of my project for RMIT's UX Design course.

I redesign and built an idea that I had already thinking bases on my own frustrations about house hunting searching and finally design a research-driven mobile solution for renters.

For Lease Sign


I conducted a research: a broad landscape review of competitors as a way to benchmark their feature. I validated my initial observation and experience and found the other mayor site offers better filters. And also, there is another site that offers interesting features to include in. I did desk research and validate my hunch existed. Based on my desk research I was able to create my lean persona.


The hypothesis was that users need better filters and different ways to search their favorites or pre-selected properties, deserve better visual and written description of the properties. Base on that I sourced my participants, I interviewed 3 people, the key inside that I got was: - They prefer wider filters and relevant spectrum options - They couldn’t feel comfortable or welcoming while selecting the filters - They expected some “must-have items”, such as: floor plan, current photos, and the chance to “unseen properties”.


I used context clarification to make clear my objectives, which as to optimized the FILTERS feature. And… here is where the FUN began !!!! The next step was to conduct ideation activities to generate possible solutions from my research insights, I prioritized my designs and created a prototype to test with users. I conducted Crazy8, I develop a storyboard, and after exploring the ideas.


Low - Fi

I addressed solution 2 as the most feasible, with high impact and low effort for this project and timeframe. Keeping that in mind, I also explore which one of the many software was the most efficient. Base on that, I created a paper prototype concept ,I develop a low-fidelity prototype.

Hi - Fi

Based on the user testing a follow their recommendations to proceed with the Mid-fidelity prototype, using FIGMA platform. As for the design, I kept the design style (colors and look-n-feel) in line as the original site.


If I have to work in a team, I would contact the developer for usable solutions, worked out more technical implications. 


I also modify the information on screen 1 and made 2 screens, otherwise would be to much information of one screen alone.

Hi-fi Prototype - Video

Inside and recommendations:

- Looking good!
- The filters it has everything

- Missing "unseen properties" from the very first results' screen
(I think that more on the developers side)
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